Asking for Directions

I looked around at the street signs, but was unable to figure out where I was on my map. I made a vow to myself to buy that stupid GPS the next time I could. Who rides around like this nowadays? I stopped the car at the side of the road to try and make some sense out of this. I looked at it and the street sign up on the building across. There was no such road on my map.

Cumming Home to my Wife

I knew what was about to happen. It was obvious that Sandy wanted my pussy. It had been a very long day in the office, so at first the thought almost scared her. She was not really in the mood for sex, but that changed within a few seconds. As her eyes slowly traveled down Sandy's body, her own juices started flowing. She could literally feel her pussy juices starting to build up.

Lesbian Sex while Snowboarding in Austrian Alps

I found an advert for a hostel that was looking for staff. The deal was that you work a few hours a day and then you get to board and enjoy the slopes for the rest. I had already spent two weeks here and it was all that I wanted it to be. I loved snowboarding.

Licking Pussy in the Dressing Room

After a while, I found a blouse that looked kind of nice. I thought it would match my blue eyes. I also thought it would fall nicely down on my wide hips. It might not do my bosom justice, but there was only one way to find out. I decided to head over to the dressing room. I got there and unfortunately noticed that I was not the only one here. There was a long queue, but perhaps it would be worth the hassle. At the end of a line was a beautiful woman. Her hot African American ass really turned me on.

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